Fruits of H-1b:Trojan Horse Counterfeit Equipment
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Kdawson writes at Slashdot:
There are new developments in the case of the counterfeit Cisco routers, which we have been discussing for some time. The NYTimes updates the story after an FBI PowerPoint presentation made its way onto the Web. It seems that experts at Cisco have examined some of the counterfeit routers in detail and proclaimed that they contain no back doors. Others don't believe we can be so sure.
Cisco, several years ago was one of the heaviest users of the H-1b program. The technical infrastructure of these "American" companies has been gutted by corporate greed and short-sightedness. Foreign interests now not only fabricate their hardware but have access to every detail of that hardware's construction and software and the management of these companies depend on foreign interests for virtually every aspect of their major technical decisions.

These major security problems were a predictable consequence of hiring hundreds of thousands of young men from politically unstable or hostile nations to work on key technical projects in the US. Many of these workers came from nations in which it isn't even possible to do an accurate background check. That means that if a foreign agency plants enough employees into any target company, it is likely they can get whatever trade secrets they want out of that company in time.

If the US ever gets into a serious conflict, the architects of US "security" policy could well replace the idiots in Belgium that hired German companies to defend against the German army as some of the biggest fools in military history.

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