From the Left: A Great Idea!
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Tomorrow at 8am (if he can get up) Peter Brimelow speaks in DC on the subject of Hate Crime legislation at a Writer’s Workshop organized by that indefatigable patriot John Tanton. I have been told to search the latest news.

This led me to a remarkable post by Lisa Derrick, who appears to be a sincere anti-war leftist who can actually think - and even more, calculate: War Spending vs Hate Crimes: A Bitter Pill? (La Figa — Firedoglake) September 30 2009

The defense spending bill (S 1390) up for vote, and tied to is the Local Law Enforcement Hate Crimes Prevention Act, also known as the Matthew Shepard Act. Gods know we need hate crime legislation…Attaching hate crimes to defense spending really shows the ugly, bald face of politics. It is really sad to think that S. 909, the Matthew Shepard Hate Crimes Prevention Act, couldn't pass on it own. Hate crime legislation seems like such a basic simple "duh of course" to pass. would at least agree about ”sad”.

Derrick then produces a really brave idea:

BUT WAIT! Maybe this is actually a way to stop defense spending? To use the rightwing conservative religious wingnuts' frothing fear of homosexuals (the wingnuts' preferred term, not mine) in order to stop defense appropriations dead in its tracks?

And if the goal is to end defense spending—own it!

She adds

Here's what Doug Carlson, Southern Baptist Convention, Ethics and Religious Liberty Commission had to say, and it's mind boggling in its hate (emphasis mine)

Carlson sound pretty good to me:

The potential erosion of religious liberty and the special protected status conferred under a hate crimes law demands our every effort to press for the bill's defeat. That hour is now. If you agree, please urge your representative and senators to oppose the Defense Authorization bill if it includes hate crimes legislation

Speaking of Matthew Shephard, the Poster boy for this abomination, a commentator to her blog said:

I think Matthew would be proud if his bill stops a war...That would make a great bit to add to the history and wiki article of this bill.

And yes it will pass someday.

A fine test for your anti-war friends.

Personally, I think Lisa Derrick can’t smell the coffee. The real force behind ”Hate” legislation wants the war.

But see if Firedoglake allows non-left comments.

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