From The Derbyshire Email Bag (5) Gavin McInnes's "Big Names On The Alt Right Whom I Know"
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Three of the 62,949 persons who viewed Gavin McInnes' analysis of the current political Right emailed in to tell me that I am at the #2 spot in Gavin's list of "the big names on the Alt Right whom I know," in between Richard Spencer at #1 and Jared Taylor at #3 (giving Gavin the opportunity to air his well-honed imitation of Jared's voice).

I am not worthy.  Richard and Jared are both a lot busier than I am—organizing, traveling, publishing.  Even as an keyboard-jockey loner, I don't get half as much done as Steve Sailer or Nick Stix.

But hey, I'll take it.  I just wish Gavin had used a more flattering picture.  My dentist won't stop calling.

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