Frist Fence Feebleness
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Michelle Malkin is underwhelmed by the Republicans' " empty, election-season, unfunded border fence gestures."

She points to a Mickey Kaus story, where Kaus has the goods on Frist's failure, which he attributes to one or more of "Phoniness, fecklessness, or a corrupt bargain," (with the White House, not the Dems.)

Frist Fence Flakeout?

Has Sen. Frist given up on the border fence? It sure sounded that way on George Stephanopoulos' This Week. The Senate Majority Leader said a bill containing the proposed 700-mile barrier was "hopefully what we'll be voting on the floor of the Senate this week." But then, with a guilty, knowing grin,[The grin is at about 9:18 in this video] he added: "Right now I got a feeling the Democrats may obstruct it."

The grin was the giveaway. It's easy to let the fence bill drop and blame Democrats. Wink, wink. But a forceful majority leader who actually wanted either a) a vote or b) a sharpened issue against the Dems wouldn't give up just like that.

On the issue of "Phoniness, fecklessness, or a corrupt bargain," fecklessness is almost always the way to bet with the Republican leadership. Corruption is more interesting, but fecklessness does more damage.
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