French Patriots March against Hostile Islam, Chanting "Christmas and Easter not `Holidays`"
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On December 8, over a thousand citizens of France demonstrated in Paris about their disgust with the millions of Muslims embedded in their nation by unwise immigration. Not everyone in Europe is accepting the invasion without response.

Below, Muslims routinely pray en masse on Paris streets, an instance of Islam marking territory which French people find objectionable.

In addition, French nationalists have utilized music to rouse patriotic passions of the public:

Here’s a transcript of what marchers said, provided by

00:00 Christmas and Easter not “Holidays”
00:04 France = Christmas
00:08 France is Easter, not “holidays”
00:12 “Islam OF France” that’s
00:16 hot air (a lie) Islam IN France
00:20 we don’t want it!
00:24 Islam IN France,
00:28 we don’t want it. Islam OF France
00:32 that’s hot air (a lie)
00:36 We don’t want it!
00:40 Now we propose new slogan
00:44 because there are astonishing things happening in our country
00:49 In France ten times more churches and Christian cemeteries
00:53 are vandalised (than mosques). We note
00:57 each act against the Catholic community
01:01 is followed by a deafening silence from this government
01:05 against this we note that it is enough for a dog
01:09 to deposit excrement before a mosque
01:13 for the Interior Minister and the whole political class
01:17 to immediately present excuses in the name of the French people.
01:21 So we propose
01:25 cemeteries vandalised churches desecrated
01:29 ENOUGH! cemeteries vandalised
01:33 churches desecrated ENOUGH!
01:37 cemeteries vandalised churches desecrated
01:41 ENOUGH! cemeteries vandalised
01:46 churches desecrated ENOUGH!
01:50 cemeteries vandalised churches desecrated
01:54 ENOUGH! cemeteries vandalised
01:58 churches desecrated ENOUGH!
02:02 Islamists, racists, fascists
02:06 and killers
02:10 Islamists, fascists and killers
02:14 racists, fascists, and killers

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