Fred On Derb; Derb On Fred
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Several people have sent me Fred Reed's post on  It's a 2,000-word anti-Derb rant.

Fred's main point seems to be that I hate, hate, hate Mexicans and won't stop going on about how much I hate, hate, hate them.

John unrelentingly savages Mexicans, expressing himself with the nuanced objectivity of a prom queen who has discovered a rival. For John, there is nothing–nothing—good about any Mexican. They are stupid. They have no family values. Their music is terrible. He cannot conceive of a Mexican’s having an idea. [Ramblings About Messicans | A Surfeit of Bile, May 4, 2015]
What's this all about? people want to know.

I have no clue.  I am not aware of holding any opinions about Mexicans in the generality.  I don't actually know any Mexicans.  I have only spent a few hours in their country (cruise ship, Cozumel).  The handful of people I met there seemed pretty normal.

I can't recall having "savaged" Mexicans even once, let alone "unrelentingly."  It's true that I think we have permitted far too many Mexicans to settle in our country; but Fred seems to agree ("I do not think that encouraging mass immigration from Mexico is a good idea"), so that can't be it.

Certainly I would never say, or give anyone cause to think that I think, something as bizarrely idiotic as "there is nothing–nothing—good about any Mexican."  Can Fred provide a reference?

Could he, in fact, provide links to substantiate the other things he's saying about me?

My relations with Fred, though very occasional, have always been cordial.  I don't know what inspired this outburst.  I'm going to be charitable and assume that Fred was drunk and confused me with someone else.  It happens.


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