France: Muslim Immigrants Express Anti-White Racism
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Russian TV explores what life has become for ordinary French citizens under worsening Islamization following decades of Muslim immigration.

An ethnic market near the Eiffel Tower is visited, where a Pakistani merchant observes that his imagined “better life” has not materialized. He is reasonable enough to notice that the economy stinks generally, and his inability to speak French may limit his progress. But other Muslim immigrants blame native French for their lack of success, to the point where “ant-white racism” has taken hold, according to the reporter.

Actually, the situation sounds like the normal Muslim hostility that develops when their numbers accumulate to a tipping point of dominance, starting in neighborhoods, called “tribal suburbs” in this report. Arrogance has grown into violence, like the French teen beaten to death by Arab schoolmates. White Parisians fear the subway in certain areas after dark. Unfortunately, the authorities prefer to ignore the growing tension and crime.

The video here is from 2010 and is a more detailed view of the atmosphere within public transport when many Muslims are onboard.

Muslim immigration — it’s the worst public policy ever.

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