Fox News “Legal Analyst” Charlie Langton On Lyoya Case: White Cops May Not Arrest Black Criminals
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A follow-up on my article above on the  Patrick Lyoya  hoax, material omitted for space reasons.

This is the bodycam footage:

Comment from Cindy Laug:

3 weeks ago (edited)

“The officer told him to stay in the car 3 times, tried to first cuff him @ 1:33-1:44. He then broke free and ran. Officer called for backup at @ 1:50. Officer told him to put his hands behind his back at least 3 times after that. Officer said stop at least 10 times, officer said let go of the taser at least 5 times, officer said stop resisting at least 2 times, Patrick said ok at least 6 times. Passenger/Witness said: he good, he not resisting, then he good, you can talk to him, then no, he didn't grab no taser. Come to find out he had a revoked license so didn't have a valid license in the car like he said he did, and also had a warrant for his arrest. Will be interesting to find out if the plate/car was stolen and if he was under the influence of something. That has yet to come out.”

When Grand Rapids Police Officer Christopher Schurr pulled over Patrick Lyoya on April 4, it was because Lyoya’s license plate did not match the car he was driving.

Officer Schurr ordered Lyoya to produce his license and registration, but Lyoya produced neither. That was just one of a series of lawful commands the policeman made to the criminal, every one of which Lyoya refused to obey.

And then he ran. And then he disarmed Officer Schurr, and sought to murder him. In a refusal-to-die incident, Officer Schurr shot his assailant dead.

Some have said, “Just because the plate doesn’t match the car, doesn’t meant anything.“

It means plenty.

When Officer Schurr caught Lyoya driving a car with an improper license plate, and Lyoya refused to show Officer Schurr his license or registration and then ran, Officer Schurr surely thought to himself, “This guy’s almost certainly an auto thief, and maybe much worse.“ And yet, according to white, Fox2 “legal analyst” Charlie Langton:

“‘Why was he stopped? He was stopped for a bad license plate. At best that’s a misdemeanor. Even if he’s guilty of that - it’s a misdemeanor. It’s not that big a deal, OK? If that’s the case, I found - in the Michigan State Police officers guide specifically - you do not ever use lethal force in that situation, even if the guy runs. You let him run,’ Langton said.”[Patrick Lyoya shooting: What charges the Grand Rapids police officer could face by Charlie Langton and FOX 2 Staff, FOX 2 Detroit, April 14, 2022.]

Langton was speaking rapidly, and in non sequiturs, in order to confuse the audience.

Langton admitted, as an afterthought, that a policeman has the right to use deadly force to save his life.

Langton also asserted that Officer Schurr could have tracked down Lyoya through “his car.” But it wasn’t his car.

Grand Theft Auto is a felony. If the car was stolen, it would have been worthless, in tracking it to a nameless perp who was in the wind.

And how does one arrest criminals, whom one is supposed to permit to run away? What reason would the next officer have to arrest Lyoya? And if black criminals knew that cops were going to let them run, they’d all run!

Langton acted as if Officer Schurr were obligated to make numerous assumptions, all of them favoring Lyoya, starting with the notion that the officer was faced with a misdemeanor. But the driver's acting combative, and refusing to provide a license or registration (or name) further supported the impression that he was a car thief, or worse. Officer Schurr needed to investigate and determine whether he was dealing with a misdemeanant or a felon, and if the perp had outstanding warrants. (Which he did! At least two: for domestic violence, and for skipping out on a court date.) If cops had Langton’s pro-criminal attitude, why pay for police departments?

Langton condemned Office Schurr for doing his job, because he knew that “routine traffic stops” often uncover more crimes, and he doesn’t want policemen uncovering crimes committed by blacks.

Langton referred to laughingstock, black supremacist, Lyoya family attorney Benjamin Crump as “a very notable civil rights attorney.”

Langton sounded as if he were representing the Lyoyas. These TV defense attorneys suddenly become hanging judges, in cases where whites, or the white-enough, have killed black would-be murderers in self-defense. Black, HLN News “legal expert,” Joey Jackson, is every bit as bad.

Langton acted as if Officer Schurr had shot Lyoya just for running, as opposed to Lyoya trying to kill him. (According to the Supreme Court, an officer can shoot a fleeing prisoner, but in the case of white Officer Michael Slager, the authorities simply ignored the ruling.)

For the Charlie Langtons of the world, it ain’t over, ‘til the black criminal wins.

Most of the media are on the same page as Langton.


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