Former Veep Joe Biden Praises Illegal Aliens, Even When They Drive Drunk
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What must foreigners think when they see news that a major Presidential candidate promises free healthcare and “reparations” for illegal aliens while excusing dangerous driving habits? Certainly some persons not yet living in the US would consider relocation as a result, and they might encourage illegal cousins in America to cast unlawful votes for Candidate Biden.

The former vice president was analyzed by Tucker Carlson recently for the thoughtless remarks designed to appeal to persons whose culture may not value highway safety. It was disturbing to see Biden essentially excuse drunk driving when it has killed many thousands of Americans over the years. Drunk driving has been more accepted among certain cultural groups, like Mexicans, so diversity is definitely not a strength on that front.

This website has noted the deaths of numerous Americans as a result of drunk driving illegal aliens, such as the few following:

Below, 21-year-old Sarah Root was killed in Omaha just a day after her college graduation in 2016 by one of Obama’s protected DREAMers, reported here: ”Drunk Driving Illegal Alien Kills Woman, Is Bailed Out and Disappears.”

Mesa, Arizona, police Sergeant Brandon Mendoza was killed by a head-on collision with a previously arrested but not deported drunk-driving illegal alien with a blood alcohol level of .24 percent.

Young Alabama couple Tad Mattle and Leigh Anna Jimmerson were killed by a drunk-driving illegal alien with a blood-alcohol content more than three times the legal limit and who had at least four previous DUIs.

Houston Officer Kevin Will died when a drunk Mexican crashed through a police barrier at 90 mph and hit Will as he was standing on a road shoulder investigating an accident.

Three-year-old Marten Kudlis was run down in a Colorado ice cream shop by a 16-times-arrested drunk-driving illegal alien. Two adult women were also killed when the truck smashed into the building.

Best friends Tessa Tranchant, 16, left, and Allison Kunhardt, 17, died when their car, stopped at a light, was hit by a seriously drunk illegal alien, who had three previous alcohol-related convictions but was not deported.

There are many more preventable drunk-driving deaths to mention, but I’ll stop and continue with Tucker Carlson’s discussion of Joe Biden:

(A spare video, slightly longer, is here.)

TUCKER CARLSON: Now they tell you that the Democratic establishment wants Joe Biden as the nominee in the first place because he’s moderate and can win. But is Joe Biden actually moderate? He hugs people—that doesn’t mean he’s moderate, he’s just not a threat to the lifestyle of Democratic leaders.

On immigration for example, he’s not moderate by anybody’s definition. In a recent interview with Vice, Biden explained that even illegal aliens who commit drunk driving offenses ought to be allowed to stay here forever. Watch:

PRESIDENTIAL CANDIDATE JOE BIDEN: You only arrest for the purpose of dealing with a felony that’s committed, and I don’t count drunk driving as a felony.

CARLSON: Yeah have a few beers, like whatever. Drunk driving kills thousands of Americans every year: Democrats used to tell you a lot about that. Biden doesn’t care any more, not if illegals are doing it. And for good measure after those illegal immigrant drunk drivers cause a crash, they get free healthcare for their injuries, while their victims may not.

Do you get free health care? No, but Biden likes to give it to people here illegally.

That’s okay. After all, according to Biden, illegal aliens are more American than you are. He said it. Watch:

BIDEN: These kids that come, they’ve done well. Most of these kids—there’s a lot of them, they’re not just Hispanic or Asian-Pacific islanders as well. And they in fact have done very well. In many cases, they’re more American than most Americans are because they have done well in school; they believe the basic principles that we all share.

CARLSON: “They’re more American than most Americans are,” more American than you are—shut up, you foreigner. In the same interview, Biden vowed to protect drunk drivers. He also said Americans must pay reparations to illegal aliens for what they’ve done to them. Watch:

VICE SHOW HOST: Do these numbers separated by the federal government deserve any kind of reparations or any kind of restitution for what they suffered?

BIDEN: Yes, they should be made whole; they should be made whole in terms of first and foremost getting back with their families. That’s it, I mean reparation is repairing damage. Some of you, part of the Latino community, what is, talk about things—let people know the anxiety the children you know of or parents who may have an illegal parent and an undocumented parent in the country.

It’s an enormous anxiety, and so that’s why we should be fighting them, the kind of help that is needed and the family that helped me to restore their confidence restore their sense of who they are.

CARLSON: Oops, he said it “illegal” but quickly corrected himself—“undocumented.” That’s fine, go ahead and drunk drive. By the way, we’re giving you reparations and free healthcare.

Is that moderate? That’s the question, is it moderate? Alana Goodman writes for the Washington Examiner and we’re happy to have her tonight because she covers all this stuff. Thanks so much for coming.

So from the very beginning, the assumption has been, mostly because of his temperament, that Biden is this moderate guy with broad appeal to swing voters to the extent they still exist. Is that still true?

ALANA GOODMAN: Look, I think people look at this, the DUI comments you know, and they say why didn’t Biden do anything about this when he was vice president? I mean Obama deported a hundred thousand illegal immigrants who had DUI convictions, and I don’t remember Joe Biden saying anything about this at the time. So the question is, why is this an issue for him all of a sudden right now?

CARLSON: It’s just a little weird because your average American-born eighteen-year-old lives in terror of getting caught using a fake ID or drunk driving: they’re telling us that’s totally cool—fake documents, drunk driving—no problem.

GOODMAN: Yeah, it downplays in a way also the seriousness of drunk driving, especially felony drunk driving. I mean you there’s usually more factors to it in those states to get a felony, usually things like you know if you cause an accident that results in an injury or if you have a young child in the car, so there’s usually other issues like that, and it just seems to kind of downplay the severity of it to say. . .

CARLSON: What’s a little strange honestly because I watched a video—you can watch it yourself on Youtube—of Joe Biden saying that his wife and daughter were killed by a drunk driver, so it’s a little weird for him to be saying that. . .

GOODMAN: I would just want to say, you know as you probably know, the family of the man who had been driving that truck, they said that he was not driving drunk and there was no, he was never charged with drunk driving.

CARLSON: No, I think that’s a totally fair point. Do you think that Democrats in Washington who conceived of, pushed and now are defending the Biden candidacy are worried about it?

GOODMAN: I think that they would have to be. I mean look when he was talking about reparations, things like that, it just shows how far Democrats have shifted on the issue of illegal immigration just in the last four years. I mean President Obama had deported more illegal immigrants than any other president and at a higher rate, and now you have Joe Biden coming out and taking very different positions on this. And where was his criticism of this at the time when he was vice president and should have been able to do something about it?

CARLSON: So really quick, is there majority support in this country for reparations for illegal aliens do you think?

GOODMAN: I have not seen the polling on that yet.



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