"Former Silicon Valley CEO" Suggests STEM Solution: Cut Back Student Visas
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WSJ's Crovitz: High-Tech Employers Uber Alles!

Gordon Crovitz has produced yet another piece of low-quality cheerleading for immigration Obama vs. Silicon Valley on Immigration The Wall Street Journal December 2, 2012.

In essence Crovitz is mouthpiecing the petulance of High Tech employers about the Obama Administration continuing to hold their desired improved access to cheap skilled labor hostage to easier visa access by low-skilled undocumented Democrats, a mechanism discussed in Krikorian: GOP Victory To Mean High-Tech Cheap Labor Pig-Out?

As so often when high-tech visas are discussed the piece has attracted furious and incisive criticism by very well-informed readers. I was particularly struck by “Richard Bader”

As a former Silicon Valley CEO the issue is the the Universities in the U.S. no longer believe their charter is to educate Americans. It is very hard to find an American with an advanced technical degree. In California the UC system is educating mostly students from India and China. They like most of the High end Universities actually have recruiting offices in foreign countries. The solution is to cut off their student visas so they must educate Americans.

Foreign students are such a good deal for U.S. Universities that Norm Matloff recently reported some are refusing to admit Americans. Of course, the fairly high chance of getting permanent U.S. residency after an American Graduate degree is a considerable incentive all by itself for foreigners to pay higher fees and accept teaching assistantships for less – 5 years ago Randall Burns estimated the value of an H-1B visa on the Indian dowry market as $50,000.

Once in America, of course these people will conform to their cultural patterns and relentlessly discriminate against members of the host culture.

That will not bother the Wall Street Journal editorial crew. They are hostile enough themselves.

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