Former FBI Assistant Director: Bureau Is Blocked from Investigating Muslims
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 James Kallstrom used to be the Assistant Director of the FBI and ran the agency’s New York City office, so he knows the dangers America faces. He has warned about open borders, sanctuary cities and the ease by which trained jihad fighters can enter this country practically at will.

America has barbaric enemies who are now allowed inside the gates via immigration, a problem that is getting worse, not better, as we see from jihad attacks in Orlando, San Bernardino, Boston, Fort Hood, Chattanooga and elsewhere. The New York Post reports, ”America has suffered a terror attack every year under Obama.”

Kallstrom appeared on Fox News Thursday and explained to Megyn Kelly how the FBI is blocked from performing at its highest efficiency by the rules of engagement that “come down from by the White House.” The agents are expected to prevent jihad attacks, yet they are hampered by the “wet blanket of political correctness.” Agents are supposed to keep the country safe from domestic attacks, but, as Kallstrom observed, “They can’t go sniffing around anything to do with Muslims. They can’t go around to mosques, they can’t do things they would normally do.”

Job #1 for government is protecting the nation, but the one in charge now isn’t interested.

MEGYN KELLY: James Kallstrom was formerly the Assistant Director in charge of the FBI and senior counterterrorism adviser to the New York governor in the years after September 11. So just to clarify the record, the gun shop owner smelled a rat and reported the guy to the local authorities. as far as we know they did not contact the FBI so there was another missed opportunity. You’ve been saying all along the FBI and the locals need to be working together on this. What’s going on here? What’s happening, Jim? Why is the FBI not getting these guys even though there on the radar?

JAMES KALLSTROM: Okay, congratulations to the gun shop owner. Good Patriot. You know if you could wave a magic wand and say you could do whatever you could want to do, Jim, to better protect the citizens, you know we could never protect them all the time, but there’s some things that I would do. Get this wet blanket of political correctness off the backs of law enforcement, off the backs of the FBI. The last time i was on you with you Megyn, I got about 35 calls from agents who were on the job now at different levels saying, boy, you hit the nail on the head. We are really really . . .

KELLY: How? What’s being done to them that corrals them?

KALLSTROM: The rules of engagement, what the Bureau is being told about what they can do and what they can’t do. They can’t go sniffing around anything to do with Muslims. They can’t go around to mosques, they can’t do things they would normally do. I’m not talking about things that are off the charts; I’m talking about things that normally would be done but the orders have come down from the White House — the same people that took all the language out of the training documents and can’t be used in any memoranda — those are the same people.

KELLY: So they’re worried about getting fired.

KALLSTROM: The agents are petrified — sure, just like the people are. The people didn’t call in San Bernardino, they didn’t want to be looked upon. When the Attorney General of the United States — I mean we’ve been over this again — but when she comes out and says, look we’re going to prosecute people for saying certain things, which is illegal. . . she walked back, but still that tells you how they just let everybody who knows what’s going on say, ha ha you know, I better be super careful here. So instead of leaning forward, instead of getting into the investigation with everything — just like the those witnesses, that said they thought, the FBI thought, they were being cranky or they were being anti-Muslim.

KELLY: The FBI went to investigate this guy in 2013 after co-workers say he’s not right; he was working as a security guard at the courthouse, he’s making all sorts of incendiary remarks including terrorist-sounding remarks like he wanted to become a suicide bomber and so they investigated him and he said, oh I was just saying that in response to anti-Muslim comments about me. So he used it. It’s like he knew.

KALLSTROM: But it is a wet blanket, I mean it. Believe me I know the agents in the FBI, I know the support people, I know the analysts. No one wants this thing that happened, believe me, but they’ve got families, they’ve got things that they have to be careful of, so they are overly cautious.

KELLY: You think Comey wants to do it the way you want to do it?

KALLSTROM: Yes, but Comey can’t talk about it either. I mean I’d like to think if I was the Director I would talk about it, but Comey needs people. I just saw you mentioned the other day he doesn’t need people. He’s moving people out of criminal programs. We got major criminal problems. We’ve got millions and billions of dollars of fraud and abuse and we’re losing our intellectual property. We got all kinds of problems and the agents are coming out of there. The FBI needs more people, so okay you’ve got these hoops they got to jump through, and you’ve got them being very cautious, probably not everybody, but as a whole they are very very cautious and very very confounded about this, and then you’ve got the fact that we got this huge population of people that did they can’t possibly keep track of. A thousand cases? They couldn’t possibly do the types of things they need to be doing.

KELLY: And no one’s even talking about getting more resources, no one’s even talking about it, Jim.

KALLSTROM: Well because they’ve got their head in the sand, I mean if they’re not talking about it. What’s it going to take? A weapon of mass destruction?

KELLY: Forty-nine people dead in a nightclub is not enough, apparently that’s not enough.

KALLSTROM: It’s unreal.

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