Foreign Lawyers an Insult, Indian Lawyer Says
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I remember the chuckle I had reading Peter Brimelow's account of telephone calls to the Indian Embassy to see what it took to get Indian citizenship in Alien Nation (you've got to be Indian, of course). That spirit continues in the Indian bar, a prominent member of which is outraged at the notion that foreign lawyers would be allowed to practice there:Legal Profession in India Not "Up For Sale," Lawyer Writes, April 2, 2009,

The American Bar Association, meanwhile, has given its stamp of approval to legal outsourcing. This means that not only can you have your computer helpline operator speak to you in a thick Indian accent over a scratchy distant line, you can now get... document review summaries in a thick Indian accent over a scratchy distant line. Once again, America dismantles the bricks of its own wall while other nations scoop them up. Hat tip, Above the Law.

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