"A Patriot Lawyer" Comments on an American Bar Association Journal
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YOUR ABA [It's not MY ABA — I simply pay for their Bolshevist frolics] / WASHINGTON REPORT

Restoring Balance

ABA presses for congressional action to reinforce [grant] immigrants' [illegal aliens] rights [special privileges and subsidies]

Original ABA author: Rhonda McMillion

The ABA is urging Congress to address an array of concerns stemming from sweeping changes in 1996 that association representatives say have dramatically eroded protections within the nation's immigration system.

"Instead of the promise of safety, shelter and fair process, many immigrants and asylum seekers find themselves deprived of liberty [what about AMERICANS' liberty not to be swamped by hordes of alien invaders] with inadequate access to legal assistance, summarily deported [IF ONLY THIS WERE TRUE!], and barred from appealing to the courts" [overruled when the U.S. Supreme Court unilaterally seized control over immigration policy], then-ABA President Martha W. Barnett of Tallahassee, Fla., said last year when she briefed [lied to] the U.S. Civil Rights Commission on the urgent need for action. "Even long-resident legal immigrants have fewer rights and benefits today than they enjoyed five years ago." [Americans lose benefits and rights daily, as the alien invaders overrun the land, spread crime and disease, collect welfare at all levels of government, and qualify as members of the "protected classes" to go to the head of the line for employment/ promotion/ university admission/ government entitlements.]

The controversial provisions were enacted in 1996 as part of the Illegal Immigrant Reform and Immigrant Responsibility Act and the Antiterrorism and Effective Death Penalty Act. They eliminated many due process protections from the deportation process, mandated detention without hearings or bond, restricted federal court review of agency decisions and practices, and authorized the summary rejection of asylum seekers and international travelers ["Travelers" is the politically correct term for gypsies, a particular odious subclass of foreigners, who victimize the elderly with "push-in" robberies, burglaries, and other scams. As used here, "travelers" obviously means illegal aliens who enter the country on tourist visas but fail to leave as promised.]

In addition, the measures erected new barriers to legal immigration; denied a wide range of benefits to long-term, lawful, permanent resident aliens; modified employer sanctions and anti-discrimination laws; and called for health care and social service providers to verify the citizenship or immigration status of individuals who seek their assistance. [It's unfortunate that this is not correct. Illegals should not receive any benefits. Employers who hire them should be sanctioned severely. Health care and social service providers should require verification of citizenship before providing services, other than a one-way trip to jail or back across the border.]

Many of these concerns are addressed in S. 955, a bill sponsored by Sens. Edward M. Kennedy, D-Mass. [unpunished killer who, in the words of Bill Clinton, "couldn't get a whore over a bridge"], and Bob Graham, D-Fla, that is pending in the Senate Judiciary Committee.

The U.S. Supreme Court weighed in on deportation issues in late June when the justices ruled 5-4 in INS v. St. Cyr, No. 00-767, that legal immigrants have the right to judicial review of deportation orders. The Court also ruled that the 1996 law providing for automatic deportation may not be applied retroactively to people who committed crimes before enactment of the law.

Further, the justices held that the government cannot hold non-citizen felons in detention indefinitely, even if they have been ordered deported and their home countries refuse to take them back.

[The majority decision in St. Cyr clearly demonstrates that the Constitution no longer has any meaning, and the Congress and President are purely subservient agents of an alien occupation. In his dissenting opinion, Justice Scalia wrote: "[The Court] brings forth a version of the statute that affords criminal aliens more opportunities for delay-inducing judicial review than are afforded to non-criminal aliens, or even than were afforded to criminal aliens prior to this legislation concededly designed to expedite their removal."]

Better Legal Child Care [Headline from masters of the Big Lie]

The ABA supports S. 121, sponsored by Sen. Dianne Feinstein, D-Calif., and H.R. 1904, sponsored by Rep. Zoe Lofgren, D-Calif., and Chris Cannon, R-Utah. [Look, Republicans: Not a centavo's worth of difference.] The legislation would provide every unaccompanied immigrant [illegal alien] child with a court-appointed attorney and create an independent oversight office within the Department of Justice to ensure that children's [foreigners'] interests are respected [Respect? Americans get no respect, not even from their own Supreme Court!] at all stages of immigration processes and while they are in custody. [Obviously, the point of sending unaccompanied minors to the US is that it's easy for them to slip in, and once here, they qualify for free education, health care and Little League All-Star teams. Later, they can bring in as many members of the extended family and unrelated partners of either sex as want to come.]

The ABA is concerned that most INS detainees go unrepresented in immigration proceedings because U.S. laws do not allow for appointment of counsel at the government's expense—even for children. [Let the foreign governments pay for counsel for their own citizens, should they choose to do so. Minors should be reunited with their families — back in their countries of origin. If the countries won't take them back, cut off American aid and ban all international flights. They'll reverse policy faster than Serbia deported Slobodan Milosevic after a threat of aid cutoff.] Two ABA programs are addressing representation for both adults and children. [Paid for out of the membership dues of lawyers such as myself, who belong to the ABA for group insurance and mandatory Continuing Legal Education, not for the ABA's anti-American political agenda.]

The Immigration Pro Bono Development and Bar Activation Project provides mini-grants to state and local bars across the country to help immigrant children secure pro bono representation. Seattle lawyer Llewelyn G. Pritchard has chaired the project for the past 10 years. [Pritchard should get out of his limo and walk unaccompanied through lawless, downtown Seattle, where the lives of white Americans have no value.] The ABA Coordinating Committee on Immigration Law, chaired by Miami lawyer Neal R. Sonnett, sponsors the South Texas Pro Bono Asylum Representation Project.

The ABA also worked with the INS to establish new detention standards issued last November to provide, among other things, uniform treatment and access to counsel for immigrants and asylum seekers. The ABA continues to work closely with the INS on implementing the standards. [Working with the ABA is a sure sign that the INS needs new leadership.]

The ABA is urging Congress to prohibit use of secret evidence as the basis for denying benefits to an alien or removing an alien from the country. [That could blow open intelligence operations against foreign operatives, putting American lives and property at risk. But Americans are of no concern to the ABA.]

The association supports H.R. 1266, sponsored by Reps. David E. Bonior, D-Mich.; Bob Barr, R-Ga.; and Thomas M. Davis III, R-Va. [Look, Republicans: Your leaders are betraying you yet again! By withholding your votes from the Elephants, you would speed up the end game. In the words of Trotsky, "worse is better."], to amend the Immigration and Nationality Act to address the INS practice of using classified information in political asylum and deportation cases without disclosing the evidence to defendants or their counsel. [i.e. Barr and Davis - the turncoat House Republican leadership –  handicap the FBI and CIA while grovelling vainly for the votes of foreign criminals.]

While hearings continue on efforts to restore judicial review and due process in asylum and deportation matters, the 107th Congress also is expected to consider proposals to restore immigrants' eligibility for public health and nutritional benefits. [I was in a suburban hospital emergency room not long ago. It was full of non-English speaking, non-white foreigners and their screaming children, receiving free treatment for such ailments as a gunshot wound, a drug overdose, and pregnancy - all at Americans' expense.] Also, attention may be focused on measures to restructure the INS, a step many believe is necessary to improve the system. [What's really needed: measures to secure the borders, stop immigration, and round up and deport all illegal aliens and undesirable legal aliens.

And to cut off subsidies and special privileges for the American Bar Association!]


Rhonda McMillion is editor of Washington Letter, an ABA Governmental Affairs Office publication.

"Patriot Lawyer" is a reader of VDARE.com

September 10, 2001

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