For Biden, Story Of Black Man Who Ran Over, Raped, And Murdered Elderly White Woman Is About "Traumatic Brain Injury" And American Veterans
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From Fox News contributor and retired Marine Johnny Joey Jones, some angry Tweets:

What was Biden actually saying? From the Daily Mail, which is reporting on whether Biden is tracking or not (mostly not) this story:

Biden went on to talk about getting veterans better mental health services, telling the room a horrifying story that he learned about from his now late son Beau in 2011, which took place in his adopted hometown of Wilmington, Delaware. 

'There was a Marine veteran who had been deployed a total of six tiems [sic], if my memory was correct, who was in a relatively modern, upscale middle class neighborhood,' Biden said. 

'Saw a woman walking her dog, ran over her, killed her, killed the dog, put her in the back of his pick-up truck, took her down I-95,' he continued. 'Molested her, put her back in the truck, came home, called the state police and said, "I just killed someone, there was a voice in my head, I had to kill someone."' 

Biden didn't get the details right, but Army veteran Dwight L. Smith Jr. pleaded guilty but mentally ill in December 2015 to first-degree murder and first-degree rape, among other charges. He's serving life in prison.

This is soldier (not Marine) Dwight L. Smith Jr.:

This is rape/murder victim Marsha Lee, 65.


Dwight did genuinely serve overseas (many criminals who claim the war made them do it are lying) and had a sad story of how it had affected him [Soldier charged with murder writes of war's impact, by  Sean O'Sullivan, Wilmington, [Delaware] News Journal, November 13, 2012]. As the saying goes "But then he would, wouldn't he?"

As usual, in a random black-on-white murder, authorities were baffled as to motive [Only Questions Follow the Arrest of a Decorated Soldier in the Murder of a Stranger, by Sabrina Tavernise, New York Times  December 23, 2011].

Nicholas Kristof [Email him] wrote a column on the subject didn't allude in any way to the interracial aspect:

A DECORATED combat veteran, Staff Sgt. Dwight L. Smith Jr. seemed the perfect soldier. Until, that is, he visited his family in Delaware last Christmas and, as he later told the police, “clicked on.” Inexplicably one morning, while driving his bright red Hummer on a public street, he ran down a 65-year-old woman, Marsha Lee, as she walked her dog, according to police accounts. Then, as a witness watched, he got out and threw Ms. Lee, injured and screaming, into the back seat and drove off.

Ms. Lee’s body, naked except for socks, was found discarded in a wooded area half a mile away. Her head had been bashed in with a heavy, sharp object, perhaps a rock. The police later established that she had been raped.

Police officers searched frantically for the Hummer, and that evening they arrested Sergeant Smith as he drove such a vehicle, still spattered with blood. A police affidavit says that Sergeant Smith admitted to the slaying that night, explaining that he had decided that he “wanted to kill someone.”

Ms. Lee was much loved in the community, for she had devoted herself nearly full time to local causes like an animal shelter and a home for the elderly. Her funeral was one of the biggest anyone can remember in Delaware, and the town has honored her by giving her street a second name: Marsha Lee Way. Her husband, Scottie Lee, declined to speak to me at the request of prosecutors. But family friends see this as straightforward: a case of a young man committing an act of pure evil.

When War Comes Home, November 9, 2012

Biden, of course, doesn't know any of this. (He barely knows it's Tuesday.) He assumes that this was a white person killing another white person, because if it weren't, someone would have told him.

That's what many Americans think, and they're wrong. Marsha Lee wasn't a victim of trauma caused by Iraq and Afghanistan. She was a victim of America's longest war: the Civil Rights Movement.

I just wish there were a journalist in the MSM willing to point this out to Biden.

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