Florida Prosecutor Not Reassuring ...
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I was hoping that this special prosecutor lady in Florida would bring some reassurance that George Zimmerman isn't being railroaded due to racial hatred and hysteria. I don't know what exactly happened that night and I don't know what should happen next. So, I was a good target audience for her. 

All she would have needed to do to get me on her side is start off with some boilerplate about how this is a very complex case, and there has been much misinformation in the media, but a careful review of all the evidence has led her to decide that the state must go ahead with the prosecution.

But, hoo boy, this speech of hers is not at all reassuring to a Martin-Zimmerman agnostic like myself. Here's the opening paragraph:

Good evening everyone. I am Angela Corey, special prosecutor for the Trayvon Martin case. Just moments ago, we spoke by phone with Tracy Martin and Sybrina Fulton. Three weeks ago our prosecution team promised those sweet parents we would get answers to all of their questions, no matter where our quest for truth led us. 

And it doesn't get much better after that.

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