"Florida Man" Who Shouted "Allah Akbar" After Murdering Wife And Daughter Is ACTUAL Florida Man (Black, Of Course)
March 25, 2018, 01:31 PM
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When you hear that a "Florida Man" shouted "Allah Akbar!" when murdering people, you can't help thinking he's one of the immigrants from the Muslim world who have done so much to make the 21st century interesting, but no, this is a guy named Ronnie O'Neal, a regular (black ) Florida Man:
Florida man shouted 'Allah Akbar' during violent rampage that left daughter, child's mother dead: police, By Ryan Gaydos, Fox News,

A Florida man was heard shouting “Allah Akbar” while going on a violent rampage that left his 11-year-old daughter and the mother of his children dead and his 9-year-old son seriously wounded, police said Tuesday.

Ronnie O’Neal III, 29, was charged with two counts of first-degree murder, attempted murder and arson, according to Fox 13 News.

The Hillsborough County Sheriff’s Office said officers received a 911 call from a woman Sunday pleading for help because she had been shot, WFTS-TV reported.

Police said O'Neal was overheard shouting "Allah Akbar!" while the woman was talking to dispatchers.

o'neal booking 2

O'Neal being booked at Hillsborough County Jail.  (Hillsborough County Sheriff's Office)

O’Neal made the second call to 911 dispatch minutes after the first call came in, police said.

"I've just been attacked by some white demons,” he allegedly told operators. "Her name is Ke-Ke and she tried to kill me and I just killed her.”

Neighbors told Hillsborough County detectives they either saw or heard O’Neal murder Kenyatta Barron, 33, the mother of their children, according to Fox 13 News. [More]

Presumably, he was inspired to shout "Allah Akbar" by contact with, or admiration for,  some Black Muslims, plus whatever drug- or  schizophrenia-fueled rage that made him commit this crime, but it's not an example of jihad. However, when it is jihad, the NYT has adopted an interesting way of dealing with the "Allah Akbar" cry—see this from Lion Of The Blogosphere
“Allāhu akbar” forbidden at New York Times

As we see in this article, when someone says “Allāhu akbar,” the New York Times will now report that he said “‘God is great’ in Arabic.”

Which is not the correct translation. “Allah is the greatest” is the better translation of the phrase, indicating the belief that Islam is greater than all other religions. “Allah” should never be translated into anything, because it’s a proper noun unique to Islam. You will never see the NY Times translate Islam to mean “submission to Allah.”