Fjordman's Dismal Forecast
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Like many other readers, I was disappointed when Fjordman announced his retirement from the blogosphere last December. He provided a unique view on what was happening in Scandinavia as a result of Islamic immigration, such as reporting on the Muslim Rape Wave and the likelihood of civilization breaking down in Europe. Not the most cheerful reading, but important.

As it happens, the insightful Norwegian has not disappeared entirely from view. He showed up recently on the excellent Brussels Journal with an article titled Swedish Welfare State Collapses as Immigrants Wage War.

The immigration-as-warfare theme also showed up on a recent Fjordman posting at Little Green Footballs.

You are at war with Mexico. They are deliberately using massive immigration to conquer your territory, and your "leaders" are kneeling. It's just as Muslims are doing in Europe, only without the terrorism. In future encyclopedias it will say: USA: "Nation that existed until the 21st century. Had the strongest armed forces in human history. Was conquered and colonized by unarmed Mexicans between 1980 and 2030."

Read this:

The Second Mexican War, By Lawrence Auster

Meanwhile, the Senate forges ahead with preparing its humane-sounding surrender documents.

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