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I did a PISA score item myself in 2009. Education bureaucrats seem to think that they can get Finnish type high school results in, for example, the Los Angeles Unified School District by importing Finnish methods. This won't work. However, they could get Finnish results by importing Finns. In 2009 I wrote

In fact there are a couple of high schools in America that have Finnish students. They do fairly well because they have fairly bright students. Houghton High School, in Michigan’s Finnish Upper Peninsula gets ten out of ten at Here’s a snapshot of its student body: Students
Student Ethnicity
Information about this data
Source: MI Dept. of Education, 2007-2008
Ethnicity This School State Average
White 95% 71%
Asian 3% 2%
Hispanic 1% 5%
American Indian <1% <1%
African American <1% 20%
As you can see, this is not the problem that the No Child Left Behind Act is trying to solve.
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