Filipino Immigrant In Florida Wanted To Shoot Up Islamic Center In Revenge For Terrorism—Reported As "Florida Man"
December 06, 2017, 07:34 AM
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This version of the story is from the Daily Caller, a conservative, but not Alt Right source:
Green Card Holder Arrested For Planning To Shoot Up Islamic Center

By Joshua Gill

Religion Reporter

Daily Caller, December 6, 2017

Florida police arrested a Filipino green card holder for planning a mass shooting at an Islamic center to give Muslims “a taste of their own medicine.”

Police arrested Bernandino Bolatete on Dec. 1 for possessing a suppressor that is not registered to him and said that he planned to shoot up the Islamic Center of Northeast Florida, according to NBC on Monday. Authorities said Bolatete has “strong anti-Islam sentiment” and planned to be killed by police after shooting mosque attendees from a nearby tower.

“I just want to give these freaking people a taste of their own medicine, you know? They are the ones who are always doing these shootings, the killings” Bolatete told an undercover detective according to First Coast News (FCN).

Jacksonville Sheriff Mike Williams told NBC that an anonymous source alerted authorities in November that Bolatete planned to carry out a mass shooting at a mosque. An undercover detective subsequently formed a relationship with Bolatete, during which Bolatete repeatedly stated his hatred for Muslims and his plan to shoot Muslims on Friday, according to an FBI criminal complaint.

“So we’ll try … we will try a Christian doing uh, terroristic [sic] act this time, hum, to the Muslims the, they [laughing] they doing it all the time. You know,” Bolatete said according to the FBI complaint. [More]

I expected this to be reported as "Florida Man", and the Daily Beast's URL for it is in, fact

However, more important to the Beast than falsely blaming Florida Man is their hatred of right-wing media:

I don't know how fake the individual news story he's alleged to have shared is—and I don't care. No individual fake story about Muslim rape can diminish the huge problem of Muslim rape, both in the Muslim world, countries near the Muslim world (this includes the Philippines) and of course, the West.

The real Fake News is the MSM which calls a Muslim rapist a "French youth"—as we mentioned here as long as 16 years ago.

Still, Buzzfeed went with the “Florida Man” thing, and ABC went with “Jacksonville Man”. The BBC said “immigrant”—because that’s the story. You know, the story that the MSM doesn’t want to cover.

The Buzzfeed article describes the would-be shooter this way:
According to court records, the detective became friendly with Bolatete, a Philippine national who has a green card, at a local shooting range. Bolatete confessed his failing health — the result of being shot in the kidney by a police officer in the Philippines years ago. Bolatete claimed to have killed the officer who shot him, court records said, and he also described his own prowess with firearms.
First of all, the words "Philippine national who has a green card" are a way of avoiding the word "immigrant." The information about the green card is meant to say "Hey, he's not an illegal immigrant".  And finally, I think the story of this guy's life suggests that when the Philippines send immigrants, they're not sending their best.

This contemplated attack, if it had taken place, would have been what we call an "Immigrant Mass Murder"—caused by America having imported two different kinds of violent immigrants.