Fighting The Good Fight In Kansas
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H/T the thankfully now-resuscitated blog Nation of Cowards for catching Former Kansas welfare worker says illegal immigrants abused the system By STEVE KRASKE The Kansas City Star Mar. 10 2011
Lana Reed, who worked as a bilingual specialist for the Department of Social and Rehabilitation Services in Overland Park from 2008 to 2010 urged lawmakers to adopt the bill targeting illegal immigration. She described a system overrun by illegal immigrants who used false Social Security numbers and other fraudulent documents to game the system.

”I witnessed overwhelming levels of fraud and corruption resulting in the waste of millions of taxpayer dollars,” Reed told the House Judiciary Committee. ”Most of the fraud was conducted pursuant to policies of the SRS, which required employees to turn a blind eye to fraud and abuse.”

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Nation of Cowards comments

I’m shocked, shocked I say! Ironically one of the pro-illegal big wigs in Chicago once insisted to my face that ”no illegals even use welfare!”

Guys? I think he was lying!

Sadly it appears the Cheap Labor faction of the GOP is going to win here: Immigration bill may be dead in Kansas By BRAD COOPER The Kansas City Star wed, Mar 23, 2011
A major immigration bill similar to a controversial Arizona law suffered a potentially fatal blow Wednesday when the Kansas House refused to consider the measure…

The bill was never able to get out of the House Judiciary Committee, which was led by Rep. Lance Kinzer, the bill’s co-author. The Olathe Republican said he was disappointed with the outcome…

Kinzer pinned part of the defeat on opposition that included some local chambers of commerce and agricultural groups.

”Their opposition, I think, was not founded on the realities of the contents of this bill, but instead a blanket opposition to any effort to deal with the issue of illegal immigration,” he said.

Leading Immigration Patriot Kris Kobach, who is the Kansas Secretary of State, sensibly remarked:
”Today’s action makes it much less likely the bill will pass this session, but it doesn’t make the issue will go away,”
The Kansas City Star continues
…The problem was compounded because Kansas’ neighbors Nebraska, Oklahoma and Missouri have taken steps to stem the tide of illegal immigration. Failure to act would lead Kansas to become a magnet for illegal immigration, Kobach has argued.
Like a leaking roof, excessive low-quality immigration can be confidently relied upon to go on causing problems. In Kansas, where the Republicans control the House 92/33, the problem is probably greed more than treason. The Stupid Party is, as Peter Brimelow recently remarked, voting itself towards oblivion.

Commiserate with State Representative Lance Kinzer

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