Fiasco: Senator Lugar's Pamper-A-Muslim-Student Scheme Collapses In Fraud
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Apparently the appalling Senator Richard Lugar (Treason Lobby- IN), whose career Numbers USA grade is D-, and the late and unlamented Senator Ted Kennedy created in 2002 the Kennedy-Lugar Youth Exchange and Study (YES) Program provide scholarships for high school students (15-17 years) from countries with significant Muslim populations to spend up to one academic year in the U.S.

The manual associated with this program burbles (P4)

The September 11th terrorist attacks of 2001 and the apparent negative view of Americans held in some regions, as well as the anti-Islamic or anti-Arab sentiment that gripped some places in the United States, brought renewed focus to the need for improved understanding across our cultures.

Unsurprisingly, it has been a fiasco.

Exchange program cancelled after Afghan students flee U.S. for Canada Allan Woods The Toronto Star Monday 13 June 2011

OTTAWA–The United States government has quietly scrapped a popular exchange program for teens from Afghanistan after watching scores of students flee to Canada as refugees rather than return home…they reached the breaking point this year when more than half of the 40 Afghans brought in to attend U.S. high schools vanished.

The Toronto Star has done a fine job of documenting this story, citing the testimony of a young Afghan woman, Wazhama Sadat:

Sadat was an exchange student in the third year of the program in 2006-07. Unlike others, she returned home when it ended. The next year, she was employed as a counsellor, charged with preparing fourth-year exchange students for their term in the U.S.

”They weren't even worried about classes or academics at all,” she said from Kabul. ”The way they talked to their families on the phone, it was more like, ”Goodbye forever.' ”

Sadat…recalled preparing a list of 14 students she believed would leave for Canada that year. All but one of those students fled, along with a number of others she had not suspected

(Wazhama Sadat is on a scholarship to Yale University

Lucky her! Unlucky native-born American whom Yale deemed less interesting than her!)’s Canadian friends will be pleased in read in Last stop on The Afghan Railway? Allan Woods The Toronto Star Fri Jun 10 2011 how lavishly the Canadian taxpayer is supporting these arrivals.

H/T Refugee Resettlement Watch which commented in YES students say NO to going home to Muslim countries; seek asylum in Canada much for taking their new found understanding back to their Muslim homelands! And, so much for the US sending our brave soldiers to Afghanistan to secure THEIR country.

And added

Kennedy is dead but Senator Richard Lugar of Indiana is still kicking around the US Senate. I plan to write to him and tell him it’s time to kill YES, keep Afghan young men in Afghanistan and save millions of tax payer dollars to boot.

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