Feds Say Enforcing U.S. Immigration Law Their Option - But Does Utah's Mormon Establishment Really Disapprove?
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Predictably the “Justice” Department is arguing in Federal Court today that Utah cannot put in hand measures to ensure that its residents comply with U.S. immigration law. Equally predictably Bloomberg appears to be first of the MSM to put out the good news: Utah Immigration Laws Must Be Blocked, U.S. Tell Judge By Andrew Harris and Shelley Osterloh Bloomberg Business Week Feb. 17 2011


A Utah law requiring police to verify the immigration status of people arrested on felony charges violates the American Constitution and must be blocked, the U.S. Justice Department said… Attorneys for the federal government are also asking [US District Court Judge Clark] Waddoups to block enforcement of measures authorizing police to arrest without a warrant people they believe are subject to the removal order of an immigration judge and making it a felony to encourage or induce an illegal alien to enter or settle in Utah.

The Obamacrat position appears to be that the Federal Government has the option whether to enforce immigration law or not, a stance which shows such arrogant contempt for Constitutional procedure that it even got some GOP Congresscritters annoyed this week.


Of course the Feds are not suing about Utah’s HB 116 – a de facto Sanctuary measure passed at the same time at the behest of Utah’s increasingly unsound Establishment.


This branch of the Slave Power succeeded in protecting HB 116 this week: Utah Senate Panel Tables Guest Worker Repeal By Marjorie Cortez, Deseret News Thursday, Feb. 16 2012


All of which raises serious questions about the patriotic qualities of Mormons in general, and hence Mitt Romney in particular.

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