FBI Still Profiling, But Now The ACLU Is "Profiling" Arpaio For Profiling Illegals
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The FBI is still profiling, And for good reason. Criminals have profiles. Different crimes are commited by different groups of people. So crimes have a mythical profile, like serial killers who have have an inaccurate profile, at least in the popular press, they aren't just white people. But that is not to say that there is a problem with profiling, it is just that you have to have a good profile. And thanks to the Aurora shooting, we find that despite the whining of Eric Holder, the FBI is still using profiling.

AP/Google July 22, 2012 by Eileen Sullivan

Lone Gunmen Always A Law Enforcement Challenge

The threat of the lone offender has become such a concern that the FBI in 2009 created a more than 25-member task force to identify common behavioral traits and characteristics. In 2012 alone, there have been 22 mass shootings, according to the Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence.

"Behavior traits and characteristics." Profiling. And it works. But for lone gunmen it only works after the fact. Usually it is their first and only crime, other than any crimes needed to prepare for the big event, which usually aren't much.

Which brings us to the immigration angle. Sheriff Joe Arpaio is under assault by illegal aliens and Mexicans for his aggressive policing of illegal immigration and the crimes associated with illegal aliens, such as alien smuggling and identity theft.

Just look at what the plaintiffs themselves are:

Fox News July 19, 2012

Arizona's Sheriff Arpaio Faces Allegations Of Racial Profiling As Civil Trial Kicks Off

PHOENIX – Arizona Sheriff Joe Arpaio's anti-illegal immigration patrols are taking center stage in federal court in Phoenix.

Interestingly there are two different names to describe the alleged victims of a non-crime, that of profiling. As with the FBI dealing with lone gunmen, there is an accurate and useful profile of said group of criminals, illegal aliens, just as there is a profile of current terrorists; Muslim men between 16 and 50. Name any major terrorist event of the last 15 years, and that is the profile.

And what is the profile of an illegal alien? A Mexican or South American national of mixed or Amerindian race of either sex. And since illegal aliens are so readily identifiable by race, by their physical or racial "characteristics," use of those characteristics are a valid law enforcement criteria. Therefore, Latinos and Hispanics are the racial and ethnic "characteristic" of illegal aliens. Of course, the immediate response is that there are white illegal aliens. Yeah, but few, and almost none in Arizona. White illegal aliens, mostly from Ireland, are most likely to be found in San Francisco, NYC, and Boston rather than Tempe, Tucson, or Phoenix.

But remember, the case is not really about profiling, or as the FBI says now, "characteristics" of criminals, but the imposition of a political program by the radical left. This from an ACLU lawyer involved in the lawsuit:

"He is not free to say whatever he wants," said Dan Pochoda, a lawyer for the American Civil Liberties Union of Arizona, one of the groups that pushed the lawsuit against Arpaio. "He will be called as a witness."

"...not free to say whatever he wants..." Strange coming from an ACLU shyster. One would think that the organization that supports burning American flags and pornography would support someone saying anything they want. But according to the ACLU, white Americans don't have those rights, Muslim terrorists and illegal aliens have those rights. The agenda is suppression of white Americans and the rights we enjoy. Sort of like the war on the 2nd Amendment waged by blacks and immigrants.

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