Advanced Ebonics
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The story of the McCarran Park Pool in Brooklyn is a gift that keeps on giving for race realists.

Last week, the New York Post tells us,

A 13-year-old girl was punched in the face and needed surgery for a broken nose in the most vicious in a series of violent incidents since Brooklyn’s McCarren Park Pool re-opened last month.

The incident started thus:

Eighth-grader Sara Puk told The Post the trouble began as she and two friends were splashing around.

“We were screaming at each other, but it was like playing around,’’ she said yesterday.

An older girl said something to her, which she didn’t understand.

When she asked, the girl yelled, “Shut up!’’

Trying to avoid trouble, Sara and her friends changed and left.

The older girls followed them out, though.  One of them punched Ms. Puk on the nose, hard enough for the injury to need hospital treatment.

The Post report comes with a short video (scroll down a bit), apparently made by the offenders by way of celebration after the event.  In case the Post removes it, the video is available on YouTube, though with a lot of really unpleasant comments.

The striking thing to me about the video is that, like Ms. Puk at the beginning of the trouble, I couldn't understand what they were saying.

I have banged on a lot about how, back when the Civil Rights movement came up in the early 1960s, all of us observing the events believed that when segregation had been struck down and some helping-hand legislation passed, the whole race issue would soon melt away.  

Here we are fifty years later, wellnigh talking different languages.

Vain are the hopes.





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