Father and Son DUI Deaths in North Carolina
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Dwayne Braswell and son Jerry, killed DUI accident by illegal alien In North Carolina, a father and his 9-year-old son have been killed because of another drunk-driving illegal alien.

Dwane Braswell, 35, and his 9-year-old son, Jerry, of Clayton were in a big rig Sunday when a car ran a stop sign and darted out in front of them. Braswell swerved to avoid it, but his cab rolled over and burst into flames, killing the father and son.

The other driver, Luciano Telles, fled but is now in the Johnston County Jail. He had prior DUIs in Wake County and is an illegal immigrant. [Fatal DWI Involves Illegal Immigrant, ABC Channel 11 Raleigh Durham 3/07/07]

The accused had two prior drunk driving convictions in North Carolina. Yet even that is not enough to get a perp deported, because drunk driving is not considered a serious crime, despite the many deaths which eventually occur at the hands of serial drunk drivers. One of the most shocking was the killing of Tennesse couple Donna and Sean Wilson by Gustavo Reyes Garcia, who had been arrested more than a dozen times, including five arrests for DUI. Why does law enforcement only pay attention after innocent citizens have been killed?

In fact, if Rep. Sue Myrick's legislation of the last Congress had been passed, many needless deaths like that of the Braswells would be prevented: Myrick: You're drunk, you're driving, you're illegal, you're deported, period. It's the sort of tough legislation that's needed.

Rep. Myrick is resubmitting the Scott Gardner Act, named for the victim of a drunk-driving illegal alien, in this session.

Myrick said the Gardner Act only deals with illegal immigrants charged with drunk driving because that falls within the federal government's responsibility. She encouraged people to talk with state leaders about strengthening other DWI laws.

Emily Moose, Scott Gardner's mother, said she believes the act will save lives.

"Justice can only be served when every single citizen, whether they are affected directly by these crimes or not, become as indignant about it as I am," said Moose. [Myrick renews push for DWI bill, Charlotte Observer 3/6/097]

We remain indignant at VDARE.com, and then some.

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