@FakeRape And The Mattress Girl—Pushback Against False Accusations Of Rape
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Someone has taken the fight to rape hoaxer and Mattress Queen Emma Sulkowicz. A Twitter feed, @Fake Rape, shows pictures of mass-produced posters, supposedly hanging ubiquitously around Columbia University, that say Sulkowicz and Lena Dunham are "pretty little liar[s]." Some of them look faked, but they make the point. One Tweet says "We made sure that every single Columbia student saw our handiwork at entrance." The image there, which shows a poster hanging from a utility wire, looks Photoshopped to me.

The point of this pushback is that if it's war the feminists wants, it's war the feminists will get.

Meanwhile, Sulkowicz thinks a museum might buy her mattress. Given the state of art, it's a good possibility.

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