"Faisal Hussain Of Toronto" Allegedly Crazy--But Sane Enough To Find White Christian Neighborhood To Shoot Up
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In the Toronto shooting that killed two people, one a young white girl named Reese Fallon, the shooter is being referred to as "Faisal Hussain Of Toronto."

It's true he was probably born in Toronto, to immigrant parents who live in an apartment building which is within walking distance of a mosque, but of course, he wasn't the kind of Canadian who plays hockey and cuts down trees, he's more the kind of Canadian who engages in random mass murders of white people--I. E. a Muslim of immigrant stock.

So, strictly speaking, Hussain shouldn't be included in our Immigrant Mass Murder Syndrome count

although we do count some clearly unassimilated immigrant-stock killers like Fort Hood's  Major Nidal Hasan.

As usual, Heavy.com doesn't say his race, country of origin, or religion in their Faisal Hussain: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know,  but here are the five fast facts (click for more details)

  1. Police Say They Are Still Investigating Faisal Hussain’s Motive & His Parents Claim He Suffered From Severe Mental Health Problems & Say Their ‘Hearts Are in Pieces’
  2. A Chilling Instagram Video Appeared to Show the Shooter, Who Still Lived With His Parents, Open Fire
  3. Neighbors Described Faisal Hussain as ‘Humble’ & ‘Quiet’ But a Witness Says the Gunman Was Shooting ‘Aimlessly’
  4. One Witness Described the ‘Horrific’ Look on Hussain’s Face & Said He Executed a Woman
  5. Faisal Hussain Was Reportedly ‘Known to Police’ But Did Not Have a Criminal Record, Reports Say

The Toronto Police said they were releasing the name because of " the public interest in knowing the identity of the man who was involved in the exchange of gunfire with police" so maybe some MSM reporters actually were yelling at them:

There's a statement from the family, retweeted by someone:

I'll repeat that, in case the Tweet goes away.

Faisal Hussain is the name of the suspect in the Toronto mass shooting. People see Hussain & scream out racist things, but I'm seeing a similarity with all these mass shooters and that's mental illness. Maybe the world should focus more on mental help then banning people.

How about banning crazy people as well as Muslims?

The mental health aspect is getting a workout in the press, although it may also be immigration related--one of the things that causes mental illness is cousin marriage, prevalent throughout the Muslim world. But don't forget, we're not supposed to stigmatize crazy people either.

In 2013, I wrote that when a psychotic kills someone, because they are psychotic, we're told not to stigmatize psychotics:

And this complaint, from  "mental health advocacy group"which has the excuse that the people who wrote it are crazy themselves, the other ones writing about stigma are technically sane:

They've complaining about this cartoon:



An extreme example of not stigmatizing: Vince Weigang Li is the Chinese immigrant who killed a man named Tim McLean on an bus trip in Canada. Weigang Li "stabbed, gutted and beheaded" McLean, and also "cannibalized the victim and pocketed his nose, lips and ear."

In discussing whether the cannibal killer should be allowed to leave his mental hospital on passes, McLean 's mother used the phrase "“I’m not stigmatizing mental issues."[Cannibal wins right to leave mental hospital,  by Joe Borlik, MyFox8.com, May 27, 2012]

When Muslims kill, it's "Don't stigmatize Muslims."

When immigrants kill, it's "Don't stigmatize immigrants."

And when dangerous wackos who should have been locked up kill, it's "Don't stigmatize the mentally ill."

Who can be stigmatized? You know who--white people, conservatives, "racists." People like us.

A Canadian update on the crazed Chinese immigrant cannibal story--he  was released in 2017, because under Canadian law, crazed murderers can be called "not criminally responsible" and his doctors apparently  felt he was all better.

Two headlines:

If Faisal Hussain hadn't been killed, he might be getting the same treatment. But crazy as he was, he was sane enough not to shoot up his own Muslim neighbors, but to find a neighborhood full of white Christians to shoot up. So let's not say his motives were unknowable.

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