Facebook's Zuckerberg To Bribe GOP Treason Lobby Servants
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Zuckerberg:"It's good for me!"

Buried at the end of an anti enforcement PR piece Bill Is Tougher on Crossings The Wall Street Journal April 23, 2013 long-time Open Borders Harpie Miriam Jordan discloses

Separately Tuesday, a political group backed by Facebook Chief Executive Mark Zuckerberg launched a seven-figure ad campaign to give air cover to Republicans who support an overhaul of immigration laws.

The nonprofit group, called FWD.us, was created recently by tech-company leaders to push for changes to immigration, education and other policies. Its new ads appear aimed at primary voters who might turn on GOP lawmakers who support citizenship for illegal immigrants

Miriam Jordan seems to have a Scoop here - I can see no other reference in Google News,

I suppose this makes sense since Zuckerberg stands to benefit from the Amnesty/Immigration Acceleration Bill as I noted in Zuckerberg Lobbying Wins Facebook Massive H1-B Loophole

If you try to connect to the FWD.us site via Facebook you are confronted with the news

FWD.us would like to access your public profile, friend list, email address, News Feed, hometown, current city and religious and political views.

Is Mark Zuckerberg in any real sense an American?

Thank Miram Jordan for this news.

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