Expertise Disclaimed
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Eugene Volokh writes:

I rarely blog about immigration-related matters, because I have no expertise on the subject, and because I think this is the sort of subject that it's hard to make bottom-line conclusions about without real expertise There are lots of considerations cutting in various directions, and I have no real sense of how to estimate the magnitude of each, much less compare them.[The Volokh Conspiracy - Jobs Americans Won't Do:]

My first reaction is of course to say "Thank you," on behalf of our group of immigration experts at (I don't count myself as an expert, here.)There are thousands of pundits out there who don't know what they don't know, but are willing to go on record as saying thing like "Our economy depends on immigrant labor."

Of course, if we all started refusing to talk about what we don't know about, it might bring an end, not only to blogging, but to journalism as we know it.

In any case, what he has to say is quite sensible; a point that we've made here, that people who argue that immigrants do the jobs Americans "won't do," are really arguing that

Illegal immigrants just do the jobs Americans won't do for the same low wages that illegal immigrants will take, and it helps our economy to have the jobs done at those low wages.

Which doesn't, as he says, "have the same ring" as " jobs Americans won't do."

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