Everyone Is Guilty: The Eric Holder Challenge: Can You Find a City Where Blacks Aren't Arrested More Often?
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There’s a certain Darkness at Noon vibe to the Justice Department’s jihad against Ferguson over its history of more blacks than whites getting in trouble with cops (to make up for fact that Holder’s Department couldn’t figure out any plausible justification for subjecting Darren Wilson to double jeopardy to please the outgoing boss).

But if everyone is guilty, then the Justice Department can just hammer any town they feel like?

Here’s the NYT’s graph based on the supposedly damning statistics in the Justice Department’s report:

Screenshot 2015-03-05 01.04.19

Okay, but is everyone guilty? Can any municipality in America produce a graph where blacks don’t get in trouble with the law more than whites? The existence of equal numbers of White Malefactors somewhere or other is presumed, but can anybody identify the actual place?

If there is one, my guess would be that it would be in a white part of the country next to a big Air Force base, where most of the blacks came to town because they were eligible to join the Air Force. (These days, you have to score at close to the 50th percentile on the heavily g-loaded AFQT enlistment cognitive test to get into the Air Force.) Off the top of my head, Minot, North Dakota sounds like the best hope for a town where blacks don’t get arrested more often than whites.

So, does anybody know of crime statistics by race in Minot? (You’d need to drill down by age and sex to get an apples to apples comparison.)

Obama’s Honolulu, a Navy town, might be another candidate. Perhaps Hilo?

Another possibility would be a municipality where most of the blacks are elite immigrants. For example, Eric Holder himself grew up in a “West Indian enclave.” But that was in New York, where the cops hassle African-Americans constantly. Houston has a lot of educated Africans attracted by the oil industry and Akeem Olajuwon’s fame. But New York and Houston are big cities with lots of American blacks.

Does anybody have any suggestions?

By the way, the chorus chord progression (2:01) from this 2009 song is pretty much “Money” by Pink Floyd.

It’s tough being a band these days because it’s all been done before.

In fact, wasn’t “It’s All Been Done Before” a hit in the previous millennium?

And if I play the same three chords,

Will you just yawn and say

It’s all been done

It’s all been done

It’s all been done before

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