Even Sweden Has A "Race Problem"—I Wonder Whose Fault That Is?
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The once great nation of Sweden is today a kind of reductio ad absurdum of suicidal multiculturalism, extreme feminism, and increasingly overt anti-White hatred. And even as the social costs of mass immigration have become impossible to ignore, the political Establishment has doubled down on its effort to replace the Swedish population.

Only a few months ago, the "right leaning" Prime Minister Fredrik Reinfeldt lectured his countrymen that they needed to "open their hearts" to more refugees, though even the New York Times admitted, "Refugees from Syria and Iraq are pouring into Sweden at a record pace, placing strains on welfare, schools and housing." [Rift emerges before vote in Sweden as immigration tests a tradition of openness, by David Crouch, September 12, 2014]

Gains by the Sweden Democrats in the last election show that at least some Swedes have had enough. But they still possess a depressingly low share of the vote, under fifteen percent. And even the famously leftist Swedish political system isn't good enough for the Parasitic Class that depends on multicultural dysfunction for its continued employment.

meTake one Michael McEachrane, "a member of the Swedish NGO and anti-racist collective Fight Racism Now and the editor of Afro-Nordic Landscapes: Equality and Race in Northern Europe." McEachrane  (pictured right) writes in Al Jazeera that "neither race nor even racism is seen as a mainstream problem in Sweden." [Seeing Sweden's race problem for what it is, December 15, 2014]

But of course, it is! In fact, the real problem is that "Sweden is a nation-state with a long tradition of understanding nationhood in terms of ethnicity, race and culture. Like other ultranationalist parties across Europe, the Sweden Democrats capitalize on a growing sense of fear that this nation is under threat."

What a silly notion! What are these reactionaries afraid of? But, you know, we still need to get rid of them. Therefore, McEachrane writes,

To create a more inclusive society, counter such patterns and curb the rise of the Sweden Democrats, the traditional definition of the nation in terms of race and ethnicity needs to go. In addition, political measures against racism, and a consistent anti-discrimination perspective that includes race need to become mainstream.

So to review

  1. We have to abolish the traditional definition of the nation in terms of race and ethnicity—i.e. nationhood itself.
  2. We need political measures against racism—presumably beyond those that already exist in Sweden and the European Union. These include bans on political parties, free speech, and freedom of association—in the name of democracy of course.
  3. We need a "consistent anti-discrimination perspective that includes race"—presumably this is a reference to "white privilege theory" and the justifications for economic redistribution that derive from it.
While immigration advocates defend their asylum policies as necessary to assist refugees, it appears that all it does is expose nonwhites to the horrible racism of Sweden. And if Sweden, of all nations, is guilty of not providing an "inclusive society," what hope is there for the rest of us?

The real question is why do Swedes, or any Europeans, need to put up with this? Open borders advocates are becoming increasingly frank that Third World immigration is good precisely because it makes life worse in Western societies and introduces new problems. What's missing in McEachrane's article is any reason why scrapping "the traditional definition of the nation" is good for Swedes. After all, Sweden has been a pretty successful nation. Why should it abolish itself in the name of some vague notion of "equality?" And why do non-Swedes have the right tell the Swedish people to abolish itself?

Well, because McEachrane needs a job. And immigration patriots need to "see Sweden's race problem for what it is"—profitable for the Parasitic Class.


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