"Even" New York City Doesn't Want The Mosque
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I knew if I looked at the New York Times Op-Ed page I'd find something horrible:

Mistrust and the Mosque

A poll has found that even New York City sadly harbors a robust disapproval of the proposal to build a mosque near ground zero.

"Even" is the word that caught my eye—New York, formerly the site of the World Trade Center, is the site of the Muslim attack the Mosque is supposed to celebrate. Many of the surviving victims and witnesses haven't forgotten that, so why shouldn't they be wary?

Inside the article, we find that

"To the growing pile of discouragement, add this: A New York Times poll of New York City residents that found that even this city, the country’s most diverse and cosmopolitan, is not immune to suspicion and to a sadly wary misunderstanding of Muslim-Americans.

The poll found considerable distrust of Muslim-Americans and robust disapproval of the mosque proposal. Asked whether they thought Muslim-Americans were ”more sympathetic to terrorists” than other citizens, 33 percent said yes, a discouraging figure, roughly consistent with polls taken since Sept. 11, 2001. "

It's discouraging to the New York Times that 33 percent of New Yorkers think that Muslim Americans are more sympathetic to terrorists than others, because the New York Times thinks that's a Bad Thought, and of course never considers anything that would lead to that conclusion to be Fit To Print.

I have to tell you that the percentage of New Yorkers who say Muslim Americans are more sympathetic to terrorists is lower than the percentage of Muslim Americans who say themselves, when asked by the Pew Research Center that they are more sympathetic to terrorists.

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