David Ward of Deseret News: "Evangelicals Differ With Their Leaders on Immigration Reform"
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David Ward of the Deseret News has a new article out entitled Not so fast: Evangelicals differ with their leaders on immigration reform [February 21, 2013] which discusses the disconnect between pro-amnesty evangelical leaders and the grassroots. Here's an excerpt:

Evangelicals are not largely behind comprehensive immigration reform, which is commonly taken to mean a path to citizenship for undocumented immigrants and, simultaneously, measures for improved enforcement of immigration law.Yes, scores of leaders, including prominent conservatives from the Southern Baptist Convention and Focus on the Family, have signed on to such coalitions as the Evangelical Immigration Table, Christian Churches Together and G92 — all of which advocate for comprehensive reform. But among the rank and file, the attitude is something closer to "not so fast."

While writing the report, David Ward interviewed several people, including yours truly, so I get quoted a few times in the article. You can read it here and if you have time, why not add your own comments in the comment section below ?


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