Pajama Boy Weenie Laments Death Of "Our" Shared Television Culture
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A young immigrant named Farhood Manjoo has taken to The New York Times to instruct us about the sad death of the common culture that television once imposed upon Americans. Now, he says, Netflix and streaming services are balkanizing Americans.[How Netflix Is Deepening Our Cultural Echo Chambers, January 11, 2017]

Never again will Norman Lear have the chance to brainwash the entire country with leftist platitudes from All In The Family characters like "Meathead," because Netflix and streaming are "deepening our cultural echo chamber."

You know, kind of like the anti-Trump Twitter memes that Manjoo and others of his media ilk frequently pass on.

Manjoo, who resembles Pajama Boy, is an Indian Muslim, born in South Africa in 1978, who landed in the United States when he was 8 years old. He graduated from Cornell in 2000. In other words, the swarthy Indian Manjoo wasn't part of "our" culture when Lear was using sly humor to vilify and ridicule the white working class.

Perhaps Manjoo shouldn't lament the death of something he knows little or nothing about, and likely wouldn't understand no matter the depth of academic knowledge, said knowledge having come from leftist professors

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