"Ethnicity No Reason To Cower" In Lantigua Case?
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This story has been archived by the Boston Herald, so I don't know why Margery Eagan says that ethnicity is no reason for politicians to cower in the case of an apparently corrupt Latino mayor, but the problem is that Massachusetts politicians, including Republican politicians, don't believe her. They're in favor of cowering, as Matthew Richer has pointed out. But why should the GOP avoid the issue? It's a winner for them, and they're not going to be losing any Dominican votes. Dominicans don't vote Republican at all.

Ethnicity no reason to cower in Lantigua case
By Margery Eagan

Boston Herald,

April 26, 2011
Criticizing Lawrence Mayor William Lantigua is delicate.

Not even the prospect of a federal corruption probe, a state corruption probe and assorted ugly allegations would prompt officials who should speak out—including area officials such as Democratic state Sen. Barry Finegold, state Reps. David Torrisi, Marcos Devers and Republican state Rep. Paul Adams—to return my phone calls yesterday.[More, but it's a subscriber link.]

The 56 comments are still available. They've been censored a little, but give you some idea of public opinion.

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