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Steve Sailer quotes Christopher Caldwell on Enoch Powell's eerily prescient prediction, at his Rotary Club speech of 16th November 1968, that "the total immigrant and immigrant-descended population at the end of the century — to be precise, in 2002 — would be four and a half million, or three and a half times the present number". Caldwell goes on to say "According to the national census, the actual "ethnic minority" population of Britain in 2001 was 4,635,296.".

I had forgotten about the Rotary Club speech, which was a follow-up on Powell's famous Birmingham speech, which we've featured on our site for years. It's been years since I read Like The Roman, (Simon Heffer's excellent biography) and I didn't know if Rotary Club speech would be online for us to link to, but it turns out that it is. There's a website now called www.enochpowell.net which has an archive of Powell's speeches, and a great deal of related material:

This site has been created and is being maintained in order to provide primary sources and guides to secondary sources to the study of the life and views of Enoch Powell. Speeches and articles by Enoch Powell are published without comments. Pages containing background information with explanatory notes are published separately. This site is not intended to become a forum for debating contemporary politics. However, browsing its contents is highly recommended before getting involved in such activities.

It's worth reading, starting with The Birmingham Speech and Conservative Party policy, which points out that while the Conservative Party leaders condemned Powell for his views, they quietly adopted (mild) restrictionist policies anyhow.

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