Enforcement Works In Arizona, With The Aid Of The Local Police
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Arizona shows that enforcement works, particularly when federal and state governments work together.
The federal government deported nearly 73,000 illegal immigrants from Arizona in the past fiscal year, a record number that immigration officials said resulted largely from state and local authorities being allowed to enforce immigration laws.

The 72,955 immigrants deported from Arizona marked a 64 percent increase from the 44,376 deported the previous year, according to statistics from U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement.

Arizona led the nation in deportations, making up about a fifth of the total 349,041 illegal immigrants deported nationwide, ICE officials said. The fiscal year ended Sept. 30. [With local police support, Ariz. deportations soar, November 8, 2008]

Arizona has been leading the way, as shown in the recent election. Maricopa County voters returned tough enforcers Sheriff Joe Arpaio and County Attorney Andrew Thomas to office. The state defeated Proposition 202 which was designed to gut immigration enforcement while pretending to crack down further on illegal employers.
[Raul] Yzaguirre said Tuesday's election results show that voters in Arizona remain deeply frustrated over illegal immigration.

"I thought the pendulum was swinging the other way," he said.[Arizona's election results mean immigration still a key issue.]

Raul thinks that patriotic citizens will forget that our country is being invaded. As if.

Speaking of deportations, the Irish whiners are crying up a river because a few dozen of their tribe got a free ride home:

The total number of deportations of Irish people from the US is also up: in 2006, 41 were deported; in 2007, 53; and so far this year, 58 have been expelled for immigration violations, figures from the Irish consulates reveal.[Rise in number of Irish deported from US, By Conn Corrigan, The Irish TImes, November 4, 2008]
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