Employers, Not Workers, Are The Intended Beneficiaries Of Amnesty
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May 18, 2008, 04:35 AM
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In the Marcus Epstein post below, he quotes a headline in the San Francisco Chronicle: Feinstein, Lofgren push for immigrant workers. [May 16, 2008]

While it sounds like they`re helping the impoverished workers, actually they`re helping the wealthy employers. It should say "Feinstein, Lofgren Push For Employers Of Illegal Foreign Labor."

It actually says this in the story:

"It`s an emergency," Feinstein said of the farmworker situation. "If you can`t get people to prune, to plant, to pick, to pack, you can`t run a farm."
Of course, there`s no law that says you have to run a farm, and no law that says you have to plant labor-intensive crops. The atricle also mentions the Western Growers Association, which wants this amnesty because their members profit from illegal foreign labor—see Diamonds And Doom-Mongering: The Western Growers Association Wants More Illegal Mexicans, by Bryanna Bevens for the facts on this major California lobby.