Elvira Wants To Be An Ambassador
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It's official. Mexican Foreign Minister Patricia Espinosa has revealed that she has asked the U.S. government to let Elvira Arellano back into the country. What's not clear though, is that she will be designated "peace and justice" ambassador, as Elvira has requested. According to diplomatic protocol, the credentials of an ambassador must be approved by the receiving country. Any self-respecting U.S. government would reject those of Elvira. (However, we are talking about the Bush administration). Anyway, Elvira is getting a little displeased with the Mexican government:

"Arellano said she would not back down from her request and was angered that Mexico was seeking a U.S. visa, adding that the Mexican government should not have to ask permission to send her north of the border." Mexico Trying To Help Arellano Return To U.S.CBS2Chicago.com, September 4, 2007

Well, that's the attitude that got Elvira into trouble before. She never thought she needed a visa to get into the United States. Elvira declares adamantly ,

"I'm not asking for any visa. I want a diplomatic post as ambassador of peace and justice, and I won't accept anything less."

There's a real silver lining here. The more aggressive and obnoxious Elvira and her supporters are, the more it wakes up ordinary Americans and helps the restrictionist cause!

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