Elizabeth Warren: Affirmative Action Princess
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See, earlier: WASHINGTON POST Produces Proof Of Elizabeth Warren's Affirmative Action Fraud

Commenter Lot notes: 

She was more plausibly 1/16 native when she was a cute young brunette:

If Senator Warren used the brunette dye and some sunlamp, she’d look a little like Princess Tiger Lily:

iSteve commenter Last Real Calvinist replies:

Yes, you’d think if you were perpetrating racial identity fraud, you’d try to look as much like a member of the race you’re claiming to be as possible. But Fauxcahontas couldn’t resist getting a trendy blond bleach-n-dye job as she aged — and keeping it, even through all the controversy over her identification as an American Indian.

This seems like a corollary to Steve’s first rule of female journalists.

After your hair has turned white/gray, it’s easier to dye it blonde because the natural roots don’t show as badly, so you don’t have to dye it quite as often. Still, it would make sense for her to dye her hair dark and get darker contact lenses to keep with her American Indian claim. But, I suspect, Senator Warren likes being a blue-eyed blonde.

“If I’ve only one life, let me live it as a President blonde:

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