Election 2010: The End Of "Big" [= High Immigration] Australia?
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The Australians seem very disturbed by the prospect of a hung parliament after their latest election, an odd contrast to Canada, which also has a British parliamentary-style system, but where hung parliaments happen all the time.

From VDARE.COM's point of view, the interesting thing is that both Opposition Leader Tony Abbott (Liberal-National coalition = GOP) and, perhaps more significantly, Prime Minister Julia Gillard (Labor Party = Democrats) both made noises about reducing immigration. "For the first time since 1947, Australia has abandoned its bipartisan consensus in favour of a 'big Australia', said the Sydney Morning Herald (Behind the election stoush, the big issues they quietly agreed on, August 21, 2010).

But Abbott's noises were more incisive and that was probably a factor in his party's remarkable revival, even hinted at by the Wall Street Journal's imigration enthusiast Sydney correspondent Mary Kissel. (The Abbott Factor, August 22, 2010)

As the results were coming in, an Australia-watching VDARE.COM friend pointed out that the swing against Labour vote is directly proportional to proportion of nonwhites in the local population:

Queensland: 5.7 per cent to Coalition New South Wales: 4.9 per cent to Coalition Victoria: 0.9 per cent to Labor South Australia: 0.6 per cent to Labor Tasmania: 4.7 per cent to Labor

(nothing yet for NT & WA)

He commented:

Tasmania is almost 100% white. South Australia has some immigrants in Adelaide and Victoria has plenty in Melbourne, but neither state has many Aborigines. However, New South Wales megalopolis Sydney is overrun with foreigners, while parts of rural northern Queensland are as black as the Alabama lowlands, and foreigners have increasingly moved to Brisbane.

Most non-whites in Australia are of recent immigrant origin—Aborigines are only about 2% of the population—so this suggests that immigration was in fact the critical factor in the election.

Don't look for much MSM comment on this.

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