Diversity & Corporatism v. Environmentalism
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Here's a tellingly bizarre article from the New York Times:
India Tries Using Cash Bonuses to Slow Birthrates
As its population threatens to turn from an asset into a burden, India seeks ways to encourage delayed childbirth.

... Waiting also would allow India more time to curb a rapidly growing population that threatens to turn its demography from a prized asset into a crippling burden. With almost 1.2 billion people, India is disproportionately young; roughly half the population is younger than 25. This ”demographic dividend” is one reason some economists predict that India could surpass China in economic growth rates within five years. India will have a young, vast work force while a rapidly aging China will face the burden of supporting an older population.

India's horrific overpopulation is a "prized asset?" Maybe if you've lost all sense of smell.

It's really striking how in the U.S., expressing the concerns about Third World overpopulation that were fashionable for the likes of Johnny Carson and Nelson Rockefeller have vanished into the maw of diversity worship. One big reason is the seldom-mentioned but omnipresent alliance between the diversity lobby and the cheap labor lobby.

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