Electing A New People In India
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It is not just America where traitorous politicians are seeking to elect a new people.  The Congress Party in India is on the skids and is currently heavily dependent on Muslim bloc voting to maintain power, this despite the fact that for years Muslims have been waging a terrorist war on the Indian people and the Indian State.
The Congress Party is so desperate it is now using Muslim illegal aliens in Assam to replace low caste and Scheduled Tribes who are Hindu in order to maintain power in the current desperate fight by Congress against the imminent victory by Narendra Modi, the Hindu nationalist leader of the opposition BJP Party in ongoing elections that will chose a new prime minister.
American Thinker May 7, 2014 by Richard Benkin
Muslim Illegal Immigration in India Sparks Violent Resistance
For years, Bodos and other tribal groups have been complaining bitterly that the government’s refusal to stop massive infiltration by Bangladeshi Muslims is destroying both their culture and the arboreal environment that is so much a part of it.  While in the areas, I watched as Bangladeshis crossed into Assam brazenly in broad daylight with no action by the Indian Border Security Forces who were supposed to stop them.  One border guard told locals who were protesting the illegal migrants that their protests were futile and would earn them nothing but opposition from "higher ups.”  “Our hands are tied,” he told them.  The guards were nowhere to be found until I photographed the border’s massive gaps and two of them tried (unsuccessfully) to seize my camera.
America is not the only country with a ruling class that despises the very people they rule.  The Congress Party and the Obama Regime certainly have a strategy of not enforcing immigration laws as part of their effort to elect a new people.
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