Egypt: Dozens of Coptic Christians Murdered
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The so-called Arab Spring was a dinosaur media fabrication from the beginning, probably created to support their guy Obama’s program of naive outreach to retro and/or dangerous societies like Syria and Iran.

In Egypt’s Tahrir Square, liberal reporters swooned over the glorious revolution — a characterization that worked only when blinders were firmly in place. Scribblers wanted to imagine they were witnessing a historic transformation, but realists didn’t have to look far to see the same old Muslim Egypt. The gang rape of CBS reporter Lara Logan during a public celebration was a big hint that new freedoms weren’t for everyone: women weren’t invited to the party.

Neither are the Coptic Christians who comprise about 13 percent of the population. Many Muslims would prefer that the infidels just go away so sharia law can be instituted in the country. The hostility has worsened since Mubarak’s ouster. Periodic church burnings and violence have been part of Coptic experience in Egypt. However, this week’s street battles in Cairo were a major escalation, with army tanks attacking civilians, which can be seen in films. Two dozen were killed and a couple hundred wounded in the rioting.

Ezra Levant reported on the disturbing evidence—see video here.

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