Dying Man's Groceries Looted In "Largely Hispanic" Neighborhood
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This happened after, (what else?) a hit-and-run by a pickup truck registered to a man named Alan Flores-Ocon. At least we have a clear picture of the identities of the people involved, although one local witness seems to feel that Hispanics just wouldn't do that:"This is a very close community here, especially Mexican."

Neighbors shocked over looting at hit-run scene JJ Hensley and Sarah McLellan The Arizona Republic Oct. 3, 2007 09:56 AM Collisions are fairly common at Main Street and Horne, a narrow intersection in west Mesa, but residents were shocked at what happened after a pedestrian was struck and killed Tuesday night.

Bystanders reportedly looted the victim's groceries as he lay dying in the parking lot in front of a pawnshop near the intersection; they also stole items from a witness who was helping the victim, Mesa Police said.

The driver who swerved up onto the westbound curb of Main and hit the victim fled in pickup truck. Police recovered the truck at a nearby apartment complex but the suspect escaped. The truck is registered to Alan Flores-Ocon, 23, and police want to question him.

Rudy Rangel, an employee at Carnicer?­as Rancho Grande, near where the wreck occurred, was appalled to that learn thieves would rob a dying man in the largely Hispanic community where residents look out for one another.

"This is a very close community here, especially Mexican. If there's a problem here, people help," Rangel said. "For them to steal that man's groceries, I can't see that. We'll find those people and make sure it doesn't happen again."

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