Duke Fraternity Rape In The Media—No Lacrosse Players, No News!
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Instapundit liked this headline:

Raceless Female Raped by Raceless Male at a Party Hosted By a Raceless Fraternity in the Same City Where Rich White Boys Raped A Poor Black Stripper

One of the commenters at the blog Confederate Yankee had this to say:

Given the 60 year record of bigotry in the MSM/DCN the answers are clera. Victim - white; rapist - black. When a criminal's race is not mentioned you knows the race is black.[Typo or typos in original.]

That 60 year record, of concealment, is what I was talking about in my article on the Associated Press Stylebook, where I traced the the "race of the criminal is irrelevant" custom to 1946, in the New York Times.

In fact, the fraternity in question is a traditionally black fraternity, (as with traditionally black colleges, black fraternities seem to be exempt from the Civil Rights Act of 1964) and the alleged victim is white.

K. C. Johnson reminds us that since this is the same police force that investigated the Lacrosse players, the presumption of innocence applies quite strongly but says

That said, the silence of the Group of 88, the potbangers, and the clarifying faculty to this event is remarkable. Durham-in-Wonderland: Arrest in Rape Case
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