DUI Illegal Alien Killer Sentenced in Kenosha County, Wisconsin
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The drunk driving killer of Dawn Glogovski (pictured) was sentenced this week to 30 years imprisonment.

Sadly, the death was a preventable one, had the government done its job of prosecuting, jailing and then deporting criminal illegal aliens. As noted here at the time of the crime, the driver Jorge Dominguez was “an illegal immigrant who was driving with a suspended license and has served jail time in Racine County for several prior offenses.”

The alien’s priors included battery, cocaine possession and obstructing an officer, so he was clearly a violent man who should have been deported to protect the public. But he wasn’t.

Killer drunk driver sentenced in Kenosha County, WTMJ-TV Milwaukee, June 3, 2011

KENOSHA – Jorge Dominguez, the man who killed Dawn Glogovski in a drunk driving crash, will spent thirty years in prison for the crime. The sentence was handed down by Kenosha County Judge Barbara Kluka.

In court, Dawn Glogovski’s husband described the pain he and his son feel. “She was everything to me. She was my first and only love,” said Frank Glogovski.

Frank Glogovski was in the car with his wife at the time of the crash and described the scene. “Seeing her fear, her pain. He (Dominguez) ran away. He didn’t try to help us, he ran away because he knew he did something wrong.”

The accident happened in May of 2010 in the Town of Paris.

Dominguez was charged with drunk driving and with injuring Frank Glogovski. Authorities also say Dominguez is an illegal immigrant and used cocaine in the days before accident.

In court, Dominguez asked a court interpreter to read a statement he wrote in Spanish. “If I knew there was some way to cure your pain, I would look for an opportunity to find that,” he wrote to the Glogovski family. ”But unfortunately, there is nothing that I can do.” He also blamed the crash on being an alcoholic.

Judge Barbara Kluka said she thought about the victim and her family. ”I thought to myself during that trial – and I am persuaded again this morning – what a wonderful person this woman must have been,” Kluka said.

After the 30 year prison term, Kluka also ordered 22 years of extended supervision.

Supervision? How about deporting him?

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