Drudge Still Following Immigrant Surge—Congressmen Invited To View (But Not Photograph) Illegal Facility
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This is from Drudge's front page:
Obama Admin Forbids Lawmakers From Taking Photos Of Illegal Immigrant Facility...

Border Patrol changing diapers, heating baby formula for surge of children...

'Our Future Rests' on DREAMers...

Feds vow to 'reunite' minors with parents in USA...

VIDEO: TX deputies chase SUVs loaded with migrants... /

The one that struck me was the one about the lawbreaking Obama administration forbidding "lawmakers" (i.e. members of Congress) from taking pictures at facilities housing illegals.
Child Immigrant Facility ‘Dog And Pony Show’ Invite Comes With Tons Of Rules, by Chuck Ross, Daily Caller, June 12, 2014

The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services is welcoming members of Congress and their senior staff to tour a temporary shelter being used to house illegal immigrant children — but the invite comes with a list of rules, including a suggestion that members leave their cellphones in their vehicles.

The 40-minute tour will take place Friday at the Ventura County Naval Base in Oxnard, Calif., according to the email invitation, obtained by The Daily Caller.

The tours are meant to give members and staffers an inside look at how temporary facilities are being used to house illegal immigrant children who came to the U.S. without their parents. The minors, who hail mostly from El Salvador, Honduras and Guatemala, are being called “Unaccompanied Children,” or UACs.

Sent to members of Congress and staff by Rose Hacking, of the office of the assistant secretary of legislation at HHS, the invitation comes with the following commands:

  • No recording devices will be allowed (We may ask you to leave your cellphone in our vehicle)
  • No questions will be allowed during the tour, but questions will be addressed later
  • No interacting with staff and children at the shelter
  • We will provide photos of the facility after the tour[More]
Since a facility full of teenage Central American illegals, some of whom are actually 21, and lying, is very dangerous, Congressmen and staffers shouldn't allow themselves to get separated from their means of calling for help.

I expect that the excuse for this is preserving the "privacy" of the "children" involved—every single one of them a juvenile delinquent who committed a fairly serious crime by hopping the border illegally to get sent there.

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