Drop In Border Crossings, Or Is Biden The "Deceiver-In-Chief"?
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“There are three kinds of lies; lies, damned lies and statistics.” Mark Twain

The other day, I was hearing reports that the number of illegal aliens coming across the southern border has dropped dramatically [Stricter U.S. migration controls keep illegal border crossings at 2-year low—for now, by Camilo Montoya-Galvez, CBS, March 14, 2022].

Perhaps that’s true, but call me a skeptic of anything coming out of the Biden administration. Back when I was on the southern border during the Trump administration, I can remember reports from aliens that there were ghost towns in Guatemala because so many of the towns’ inhabitants had immigrated to the United States. Later, there were reports of old ladies in wheelchairs coming across the border. Friends asked me why they would want to come. For free healthcare? That was definitely part of it. However, when all your kids and grandkids have immigrated to the United States, then what are you going to do? Stay at home and wither away with no one to care for you, or go join them? [Bizarre Construction Boom in Guatemala ‘Ghost Town’ Fueled by Immigration Loophole, by Dan Andros, FaithWire, February 26, 2020].

So, did Guatemala and the rest of the world run out of people… or is something else going on?

Keep in mind, lying through statistics is nothing new to the Democrats. Back when they falsely labelled Obama the Deporter in Chief, they simply changed the definition of what a deportee was by adding in the category of “expedited removal” to be counted as a person being deported. With the stroke of a pen, Obama’s numbers increased beyond any prior president’s all without having to actually deport one more alien than before. “A lie can travel half way around the world while the truth is putting on its shoes.” (Attributed to various people.) I found that quote to be unfortunately all too true. I cannot tell you how many people still believe Obama was some kind of immigration hawk. Find me a Border Patrol Agent who was on the job during the Obama administration who is willing to say that Obama was the Deporter in Chief and I’ll show you a liar. (Although, I will admit that Obama did start building those detention facilities that led to the “Kids in Cages” propaganda pieces.) Obama should be called the Deceiver in Chief and that lie (that he increased deportations), unfortunately, continues to be propagated over and over again.

So, what is going on with the numbers drop at the border? [Corporate Media Disguise Spike In Border Arrests As ‘Drop’ To Prevent Accountability For Biden, by Jordan Boyd, The Federalist, March 17, 2023]

The numbers are nowhere near down as low as they were during the end of the Trump administration. They simply aren’t as high as they once were, is all. A quick peek behind the curtain reveals the lie, but the corporate media is running with it. They are essentially covering for the Biden administration.

To his credit and my surprise, Border Patrol Chief Ortiz was willing to admit that we do not have “operational control” of the southern border. With that admission, I would not be surprised if in a few months, he quietly announces his retirement.

The only other thing I can think of is that Biden is trying some new clever ruse. In this case, it’s to reroute illegal aliens so that they appear to be coming in legally. Again, with the stroke of a pen, an illegal alien becomes a legal immigrant. [February Border Encounters Show Illegal Immigration Isn’t Abating, It’s Just Being Rerouted, Charges FAIR, fairus.org, March 16, 2023].

How many times have you heard a supposed conservative say that he is in favor of legal immigration?


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