Camp Of The Saints In The Mediterranean, EU Urges Member States To Do More Deportations
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They’re coming across our Mexican border—and, as I told you two weeks ago, our Canadian border—they’re coming across the English Channel, and… they’re still coming across the Mediterranean, in bigger numbers than ever.

That’s according to ZeroHedge, March 14th:

The number of illegal border crossings from North Africa into Italy more than doubled in the first two months of the year, compared to the same period in 2022…

According to the European Union’s border agency, Frontex, the top three nations of origin for migrants arriving via the Mediterranean are Ivory Coast, Guinea, and Pakistan.
[Mediterranean Migrant Crossings More Than Double In The First Two Months Of 2023, by Tyler Durden, March 14, 2021]

There are some real numbers here. Last year, 2022, a third of a million border crossings were detected. And that’s just the ones detected. Across the EU altogether, almost a million asylum claims were made last year. That’s real Camp of the Saints numbers.

Italy is particularly hard hit. That nation’s Prime Minister, the lovely Giorgia Meloni , is locked in a struggle with do-gooder NGOs—Non-Governmental Organizations—who have fleets of ships patrolling the Mediterranean looking for boats full of illegals they can pick up and transport to Italian shores.

But there are some welcome signs of spine-stiffening over there.

According to Breitbart

The European Union is calling on member states to do more to deport illegal immigrants and those without valid reasons for being in their countries, noting a low rate of deportations that are actually carried out.
[Even European Union Now Says It’s Time to Deport More Illegals, by Chris Tomlinson, March 16, 2023]

And look at that: they said ”illegal immigrants,” not ”asylum seekers.” Anyways I hope they did, I hope it’s not just a Breitbart edit.

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